Discovery Labs

CHM 151Y (physical chemistry section):

Investigating light matter interactions using a manual spectrometer.
E. Kwan, H. Ohorodnyk, I. Miller, A. Orozco and A.-A. Dhirani
An open architecture ultraviolet visible spectrometer is used to teach students about light absorption & florescence. In the image below, chlorophyll, which students extract from a leaf, is used as the sample.

Natural dye-sensitized Nanocrystalline Solar Cell.
M. Bailey, J. Park and A.-A. Dhirani
In this lab, students build and test a solar cell using berries. Students then combine their solar cells to run a digital watch.

CHM 327H (Physical Chemistry Lab):

Scanning tunneling microscopy.
A. Orozco, E. Kwan and A.-A. Dhirani
In this lab, students use a Scanning Tunneling Microscope to image carbon atoms in graphite.