Curriculum Vitae

Professional Experience

  • Associate professor, Department of Chemistry & cross appointed to department of physics,  University of Toronto (2004/07 – present)
  • Assistant professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto (1999/09 – 2004/07)
  • Assistant professor, Department of Physics, Simon Fraser University (1999/01 – 1999/08)
  • Postdoctoral fellow, Research Laboratory of Electronics, M.I.T. (1996/07 – 1998/06)


  • Ph.D., Experimental Physics, University of Chicago (1991/09 – 1996/06)
  • MS, Theoretical Physics, McGill University (1989/09 – 1991/06)
  • B.Sc., Honors Physics, University of Alberta (1986/01 – 1989/06)


  • Premier’s Research Excellence Award (2000)
  • NSERC Postdoctoral fellowship, M.I.T. (1997)
  • James Franck Symposium Dissertation Award, University of Chicago  (1996)
  • Hulda and Maurice Rothschild Fellowship, University of Chicago (1995)

Exotic quantum charge transport in nano particle materials

Gold nanoparticle + molecule assemblies can exhibit electrical behaviours that are tunable through choice of molecule, assembly architecture, etc. Recently, we have been studying an insulator-to-metal transition in these systems, where the assemblies exhibit exotic quantum phenomena.

Selected references:

P.-E. Trudeau, A. Escorcia and A.-A. Dhirani, “Variable single electron charging energies and percolation effects in molecularly linked nanoparticle films,” J. Chem. Phys. 119 (2003) 5267.

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Conductance detection

In addition to questions in fundamental physical science, we are interested in methods and tools for analytical applications. A current focus is advancing conductance detection for chromatography and benchtop applications.

Y.Suganuma and A.-A. Dhirani


Selected references:

Y.Suganuma and A.-A. Dhirani, US Patent US 8246910 B2

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Y.Suganuma, N. Toltl and A.-A. Dhirani, “Evaluation of a low cell constant conductance detector for detection of charged species in high-performance liquid chromatography,”Analytical Methods 5 (2013) 6855 (9 pages).